Worship in the Prayer Book Tradition:

speaker pictureDESCRIPTION: This twelve-week course is designed to introduce students to the theory and practice of worship and liturgy, with special attention to the Reformation Anglican tradition. Part 1 overviews a biblical theology of worship, including an introduction to modern liturgical theology. Part 2 peers over the shoulder of reformer, Thomas Cranmer, as he put together the Book of Common Prayer, to trace in particular the gospel-centered nature of his principal liturgies. Part 3 moves this vision into application, guiding modern worshipers and liturgical leaders in, firstly, how to prepare for and lead the liturgies contained in our current Prayer Book(s) and secondly, how to work alongside others in the church to lead God’s people in gathered worship.

FORMAT: Students will watch online lectures by Prof. Zac Hicks and also participate in video-conference tutorials with other students and the course tutor, the Rev’d Dr. Sam Pascoe.  In addition to lectures and tutorials, students will also have weekly reading and assignments corresponding to the level at which they have chosen to take the course.

COST: For seminary credit with Gordon Conwell – $1065 ~OR~ For ordination prep (non-credit)- $350. Non-credit students will participate in tutorials, but have less reading and assignments, and receive a pass/fail grade. This is the ideal option for ordinands and curates who need Anglican training but not seminary credit.

BIO: Zac Hicks (D.Min., Knox Theological Seminary; M.Div., Denver Seminary; B.A., Biola University) is author of The Worship Pastor (Zondervan, 2016). He grew up in Hawaii, studied music in Los Angeles, trained in Philosophy and Biblical Studies in Denver, and recently completed doctoral work in the theology and worship of the English Reformation. His thesis traces reformer Thomas Cranmer’s application of the doctrine of justification by faith alone through his architecture of the Book of Common Prayer. Zac’s interests include the intersection of old and new in worship, the pastoral dimensions of worship leading, and the centrality of the gospel in worship.  He is a songwriter and producer. Zac has contributed articles and posts to Worship Leader Magazine, Reformed Worship, Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition, and Doxology & Theology. Zac has been married for nearly twenty years to his wife, Abby, and they have four children—Joel, Jesse, Brody, and Bronwyn.

TO REGISTER: Prospective students first need to apply to the Certificate in Anglican Studies.

If you have any questions, please contact Rev’d Dr. Sam Fornecker (SFornecker@RidleyInstitute.com) – 843-284-4321.