Anglican Pastoral Identity and Practice

DESCRIPTION: This capstone course for the Certificate in Anglican Studies helps students gain a clear vision of the call to full-time Gospel ministry in the Anglican tradition. Over the course of the semester, participants will consider the identity and practice of an Anglican pastor from biblical and historical-theological perspectives, as well as important practical skills such as preaching, leading a vestry and staff, and strategies for spiritually healthy leadership.

FORMAT: In addition to readings and video lectures by John Yates II,  this course includes online tutorials with Rev’d Dr. Sam Pascoe and conversations with Anglican bishops and other senior clergy. It concludes with a capstone paper expressing one’s understanding of Anglican pastoral identity and practice in light of one’s own call, the course content, and all preceding courses undertaken during the Certificate in Anglican Studies program.

COST: For seminary credit with Gordon Conwell – $1065 ~OR~ For ordination prep (non-credit)- $350. Non-credit students will participate in tutorials, but have less reading and assignments, and receive a pass/fail grade. This is the ideal option for ordinands and curates who need Anglican training but not seminary credit.

BIO: John Yates (MDiv, Princeton Theological Seminary; DMin, Fuller Theological Seminary) is former rector of The Falls Church Anglican in northern Virginia, and a Council member of The Gospel Coalition. He has authored a number of books, including Raising Kids with Character Traits That Last (with Susan Yates). John and his wife, Susan, have five children.

TO REGISTER: Prospective students first need to apply to the Certificate in Anglican Studies.

If you have any questions, please contact Rev’d Dr. Sam Fornecker ( – 843-284-4321.