Historical Theology I: Beginnings to the High Middle Ages with Dr. Donald Fairbairn

DESCRIPTION: This course is a survey of the major developments, controversies, and trajectories of Christian theology from the end of the apostolic period to the High Middle Ages (stopping before the beginning of the Renaissance). Attention is given to creedal developments and to the great early controversies over God’s relation to the world, the Trinity, Christ, and grace. Students also consider the different emphases of Eastern and Western theology and the major splits (Chalcedonian, Oriental Orthodox, and Church of the East, as well as the later split of Chalcedonians into Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic) prior to the Reformation.

DATES: January 25-May 7th, **online tutorials will be scheduled by course tutor

FORMAT: Students will watch online lectures by Prof. Fairbairn and also participate in video-conference tutorials with other students and the course tutor, the Rev. Eric Speece.  In addition to lectures and tutorials, students will also have weekly reading and assignments corresponding to the level at which they have chosen to take the course.  Rev. Dr. Rollin Grams is the professor of record for this course.

BIO: Dr. Fairbairn is the Robert E. Cooley Professor of Early Christianity at Gordon Conwell Seminary. His research interests focus on the relation between the doctrines of the Trinity, Christ, salvation and Christian life in the early church, especially in the 4th through 6th centuries. His responsibilities include further developing the Robert C. Cooley Center for the Study of Early Christianity at the Charlotte campus, which explores the historical foundations of the Christian faith.

COST: For seminary credit with Gordon Conwell – $900 ~OR~ For continuing education/audit – $350. Audit students will participate in tutorials, but have less reading and assignments, and receive a pass/fail grade.

If you have any questions, please contact Rev’d Randy Forrester (RForrester@RidleyInstitute.com) – 843-284-4320.