Introduction to Anglicanism:

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DESCRIPTION: This twelve-week introductory course is an overview of how the Christian Faith was lived out within, and spread out from, the British Isles from the earliest days of the Christian Era until today and highlights Anglican distinctives regarding Scripture, theology, worship, and church governance. The class is a starting point for those considering ordination to the permanent diaconate or priesthood and is a pre-requisite for taking other classes in the Certificate in Anglican Studies.

DATES: Sept 13-Dec 20 *Video conference tutorial sessions will be scheduled by the tutor

FORMAT: Students will watch online lectures by the Rev’d Dr. Sam Pascoe and also participate in video-conference tutorials with others and the course tutor, the Rev’d Dr. Jim Salladin. In addition to lectures and tutorials, students will also have weekly reading and assignments corresponding to the level at which they have chosen to take the course.

COST:  $350 (this course is not available to take for credit at Gordon Conwell)

BIO: The Rev’d Dr. Sam Pascoe has been an Anglican clergyman since 1984. He has served in churches large and small, has authored two books on Anglican theology and history, and has taught at Trinity School for Ministry, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and the Ridley Institute.

TO REGISTER: Prospective students first need to apply to the Certificate in Anglican Studies.

If you have any questions, please contact Rev’d Randy Forrester ( – 843-284-4320.