Anglican Pastoral Identity and Practice

DESCRIPTION: This capstone course for the Certificate in Anglican Studies helps students gain a clear vision of what it means to live out a pastoral call in the Anglican tradition. Over 12 weeks, participants will consider the identity and practice of an Anglican pastor from historical and canonical perspectives, as well as important practical skills such as preaching, leading a vestry and staff, and strategies for spiritually healthy leadership.

DATES: Sept 13 – Dec 20, *Monday evening tutorials, scheduled by tutor.

TUTOR: The Rev’d Dr. Sam Pascoe

FORMAT: This course is a combination of reading and online tutorials, including conversations with Anglican bishops. There are no lectures for this course. It concludes with a capstone reflection paper expressing one’s understanding of Anglican pastoral identity and practice in light of their own personal call, the content of this course, and all they have learned from the Certificate in Anglican Studies.

COST: $350 (this course is not available to take for credit at Gordon Conwell)

If you have any questions, please contact Rev’d Dr. Sam Fornecker (SFornecker@StAndrews.Church)