Introduction to Anglicanism

The Rev’d Dr. Sam Pascoe

Lecture 1: Introduction, Background, Themes, Rule of Three

Lecture 2: Three Events: Whitby, the Long Reformation, America

Lecture 3: Three Monarchs: Henry VIII, Edward VI, Elizabeth I

Lecture 4: Three Pillars of Cranmer’s Reform: Homilies, BCP, Articles

Lecture 5: Three Sacred Acts: Word, Baptism, Eucharist

Lecture 6: Three Instruments of Doctrine: Scripture, Reason, Tradition

Lecture 7: Three Orders (plus one): Laity, Deacon, Priest, Bishop

Lecture 8: Three Heroes: Thomas Cranmer, George Whitfield, C.S. Lewis

Lecture 9: Three Streams: Evangelical, Catholic, Charismatic