Course Offerings

Streaming Courses

Our streaming courses are a unique opportunity for churches outside of the Charleston area to access Ridley courses via a streaming video service that can be watched in a context of prayer, worship, and group interaction; this is a great resource for Christians who want to go deeper in their faith, at a small group or a larger church gathering. In addition to the video teaching, each course includes printable materials that go along with each lesson.

*Our streaming courses are non-accredited.  If you are pursuing ordained ministry, or would like to pursue graduate level courses, please contact The Rev’d Randy Forrester ( or 843.284.4320).

Courses Available for Streaming

The Apostles Creed: An Introduction to Theology
The Rev’d Randy Forrester (8 lessons)

Pursuing Joy in Christ: A Study in Philippians
The Rev’d Randy Forrester (8 lessons)

The Lord’s Prayer
The Rev’d Dr. Chris Hancock (8 lessons)

Old Testament Foundations
Dr. Erika Moore (8 lessons)

Organic Evangelism: How to Share Your Faith Naturally
The Rev’d Dr. Chris Hancock (2 lessons)

Hearing God Speak: An Introduction to the Bible
The Rev’d Randy Forrester, The Rt. Rev’d Stephen D. Wood, The Rev’d Rollin Grams (8 lessons)

The Jesus You Need to Know
The Rev’d Dr. Peter Walker (8 lessons)

New Testament Foundations
The Rev’d Dr. Peter Walker (12 lessons)

Knowing God through the Psalms
Dr. Erika Moore, The Rev’d Dr. Christopher Hancock, and others (8 lessons)

Difficult Questions of Faith
The Rev’d Dr. Christopher Hancock (10 lessons)

Being Human: Gender, Sexuality, Fulfillment
The Rev’d Dr. Sam Ferguson, The Rev’d Dr. John Yates III (5 lessons)

The Story of Scripture
The Rev’d Randy Forrester

Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament
The Rev’d Randy Forrester, The Rev’d Dr. Rollin Grams, The Rev’d Tim Winkler (8 lessons)

Live Courses

Every fall and spring semester, we offer a live course taught at St. Andrew’s Church in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. These courses are designed to help people grow in their love for God and apply their faith in everyday life. While outside reading will be recommended, there are no assignments. The level of teaching is deep enough for life-long disciples, but still accessible to those who are new to the faith. Courses include dinner, a 40-45 minute teaching, small-group discussion, and Q&A with the teacher. They typically run for 8 weeks on Tuesday evenings.

For those who live outside the Charleston area, most of the courses will be made available in a streaming format.

Our next live course is:

hebrew scripture and reading glasses

Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament

Cost: $99 for six month streaming subscription or $199 to purchase the course.
Course Dates: Streaming

Tuesday evenings, February 2-March 23. Offered in-person and online. Throughout history people of faith have struggled to hold together the Old Testament with the New Testament. This 8-week course will consider important themes in the Old Testament and how they point to Jesus.

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Ridley Intensives offer the opportunity to engage with relevant topics in Christian faith and practice. Designed to take place in a concentrated period of time (often a Friday evening and Saturday) intensives are a benefit for those who cannot attend our semester-long courses.

Upcoming Intensive:

details of bishop

Introduction to Anglicanism

Cost: $50
Course Dates: May 7 - May 8

This 2-day course is an overview of how the Christian Faith was lived out within, and spread out from, the British Isles from the earliest days of the Christian Era until today. No prior knowledge of Anglicanism is required.

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Kenyan children

We Rejoice in Our Sufferings

Cost: $15
Course Dates: February 26 - February 27

Offered in-person and online. This 2-day course will discuss some of the reasons for resiliency of faith seen in those who have walked through great pain but still wholeheartedly affirm the goodness of God. we will get to learn about a community of inspiring Christians living in extreme poverty in Nairobi, Kenya.

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