About Ridley

Why the Ridley Institute?

The Ridley Institute seeks to strengthen the church for mature Christian faith and discipleship in our secular age.  Because we believe the local church is God’s primary plan for spiritual growth and equipping, we partner with churches and dioceses to train pastors and leaders through online courses and other discipleship resources.


The Ridley Institute began as the St. Andrew’s School of Theology in 2009 and was renamed “The Ridley Institute,” in the Spring of 2012. The Institute’s namesake is the martyred Bishop of London, Nicholas Ridley. Upon his death Bishop Ridley was encouraged by his good friend and fellow bishop Hugh Latimer, with these words:

“Be of good cheer, Master Ridley, and play the man, for we shall this day light such a candle in England as I trust by God’ grace shall never be put out.” We seek to fan the flame of the Gospel faith that Ridley and many others gave their lives for through the work of the Ridley Institute.

What We Believe

We are committed to the authority of the Bible as God’s written Word for us. We also are anchored to the historic and global church by upholding the Apostles Creed and Nicene Creed as necessary to be received by Christians and as thoroughly Biblical. In addition to the creeds, we maintain that the Articles of Religion of the Church of England are authoritative for Anglicans today, setting forth a precise confession of faith on many of the great points of Christian doctrine.


THE RT. REV’D STEPHEN D. WOOD – Bishop and Theological Advisor

Bishop Steve Wood is the Bishop of the Diocese of the Carolinas and the Rector of St. Andrew’s ~ Mount Pleasant, S.C. Bishop Wood upholds the importance of biblical and theological education and believes that this happens best in the local church. With the aim of presenting every Christian mature in Christ, he founded the School of Theology at St. Andrew’s, what is now the Ridley Institute, and continues to oversee its ministry.

Bishop Steve Wood

THE REV’D CANON DR. ASHLEY NULL – Theological Advisor

As a teacher and advisor, Dr. Null is a vital resource to the Ridley Institute. His teaching and scholarly work focuses on the grace and gratitude theology of the English Reformation, and its lead reformer, Thomas Cranmer. Dr. Null is the author of Thomas Cranmer’s Doctrine of Repentance: Renewing the Power to Love and is currently working on a critical edition of Cranmer’s “Great Commonplaces.”

Ashley Null


Chris spans the world of academia, pastoral ministry and diplomacy as a theologian, advisor, mentor and specialist on Asia. He taught theology, Anglicanism and spirituality at Virginia in his 30s, having previously taught at Cambridge University. Since then he has been Vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge, a Cathedral Dean, and for the last fifteen years Director of research institutions in Oxford and London.

Chris Hancock


Randy is an ordained pastor in the Anglican Church and is on staff at St. Andrew’s overseeing Christian Education and Equipping. In addition to teaching classes through Ridley, Randy advances the mission of the Institute and helps develop its curriculum for Christian Education.

Randy Forrester

THE REV’D DR. SAM FORNECKER – Instructor and Director of Seminary Programs

Sam serves on the pastoral staff at St. Andrew’s, where he focuses on Teaching and Equipping. In addition to stewarding its vision through teaching and research, Sam oversees many aspects of the Ridley Institute’s seminary programs.

Sam Fornecker

TINA SEASE – Program Coordinator

Tina currently serves as Ridley’s Program Coordinator, organizing and providing communication for our live classes and seminary courses. Prior to joining the Ridley Institute, she served as Assistant Director at Mt Pleasant Presbyterian Learning Center as well as teaching at Trident Technical College in her field of Dental Hygiene. Tina is a graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina and has acted in various roles with both her community and her church.

Tina Sease