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What Is it?
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We Do This is Four Ways:

Teaching introductory courses in Christian theology to lay people

Training Christian laity for theologically informed work in the marketplace

Forming Christian ministers in the orthodoxy and orthopraxy of Reformation Anglicanism

Advancing the study of Reformation Anglicanism through original scholarship

Because we believe that God has made promises to his church, we teach, train, form, write, and think in the heart of the local church. Ridley does theology in the midst of God’s people, under the preaching of God’s word, nourished by God’s sacraments, and under the administration of God’s discipline.


The Ridley Institute began as the St. Andrew’s School of Theology in 2009 and was renamed “The Ridley Institute,” in the Spring of 2012. The Institute’s namesake is the martyred Bishop of London, Nicholas Ridley. Upon his death Bishop Ridley was encouraged by his good friend and fellow bishop Hugh Latimer, with these words:

“Be of good cheer, Master Ridley, and play the man, for we shall this day light such a candle in England as I trust by God’ grace shall never be put out.”

We seek to fan the flame of the Gospel faith that Ridley and many others gave their lives for through the work of the Ridley Institute.

Today the Ridley Institute trains nearly 400 lay students a year in the thought and practice of Reformation Anglicanism as well as serving and preparing pastors and church planters for their ministries. We are privileged to be served by renowned Cranmer scholar, Dr. Ashley Null as our Senior Research Fellow and enjoy an international team of visiting scholars and church leaders to help advance our vision of Reformation Anglicanism in the church and the world.

What We Believe

Though our students come from a range of different backgrounds, we are committed to presenting the Gospel in a manner consistent with the grace based theology of the English Reformation.

Keeping us anchored to the church throughout history and through the world, we confess the Apostles and Nicene Creeds as necessary to be received by Christians and as thoroughly Biblical. In addition to the creeds, we maintain that the Articles of Religion of the Church of England are authoritative for Anglicans today, setting forth a precise confession of faith on many of the great points of Christian doctrine.

Who We Are

We are Christian lay people, pastors, and scholars with a commitment to equipping God’s people for Christian service in the church and the world. Though our students come from a range of different denominations, our leadership comes from the Anglican Church. Within the Anglican Church, we seek to faithfully recover, apply, and promote the grace-based theology of the English Reformation.

Bishop Steve Wood is the Bishop of the Diocese of the Carolinas and the Rector of St. Andrew’s ~ Mount Pleasant, S.C. As the Bishop of the Carolinas, his desire is to create a diocese that will embrace and give witness to the life and vitality of our Reformation Anglican heritage. Bishop Wood founded the School of Theology at St. Andrew’s, what is now the Ridley Institute, to help advance these goals.


Dr. Null is the Senior Research Fellow for the Ridley Institute. He is a vital resource to Ridley and the Diocese of the Carolinas, training clergy and assisting in the development of original scholarly research in the English Reformation through the Ridley Institute. Dr. Null is the author of Thomas Cranmer’s Doctrine of Repentance and is currently working on a critical edition of Cranmer’s “Great Commonplaces.”


Ridley offers four core courses – Systematic Theology, Biblical Theology, Evangelism and Apologetics, and Christian Spirituality – that are taught on a rotating cycle once every two years. Courses are taught at an introductory level with high value for outside reading and learning in community. Learn more about Ridley’s upcoming courses.

The Ridley Institute live streams all of our courses to select churches and institutions. Talk to your church leadership about what it might look like for your local church to host a Ridley lecture series via our live streaming option and then get in contact with Greg Shore (GShore@StAndrews.Church or 843.284.4323) to arrange for the live stream.

Committed to the “priesthood of all believers,” we believe that no matter where you are or what your occupation is, as a Christian you have a right to theological education. The Certificate for Christian Leadership in the Marketplace aims to equip you to think theologically about your profession, applying Gospel principles to help you work for the glory of God and the benefit of your neighbor.

A gift to the Ridley Institute is an investment in the Christian leadership of the future. Do prayerfully consider giving to the Ridley Institute by clicking here.

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