Course Offerings

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Streaming Courses

Our streaming courses are a unique opportunity for churches outside of the Charleston area to access Ridley courses via a streaming video service that can be watched in a context of prayer, worship, and group interaction; this is a great resource for Christians who want to go deeper in their faith, at a small group or a larger church gathering. In addition to the video teaching, each course includes printable materials that go along with each lesson.

The Ridley Institute streaming library will offer a solid foundation in four vital areas of Christian education and equipping: Christian Confidence (the Bible), Christian Belief (Theology), Christian Formation (Prayer/Spiritual Growth), and Christian Living (Ethics). Each of these four tracks is anchored by a foundation course, followed by two additional courses. In the table below, you can see when we anticipate each course being available for streaming.

Track Foundation Course 2nd Course 3rd Course
Christian Confidence: The Bible Introduction to the Bible
Live course begins February 19, 2019
Old Testament Foundations New Testament Foundations

(Winter 2020)

Christian Belief: Theology The Apostles’ Creed
streaming now
Introduction to Historical Theology

(Fall 2020)

Reformation Theology

(Winter 2021)

Christian Spirituality: Prayer and Formation The Lord’s Prayer

(Winter 2019)

The Holy Spirit

(Fall 2019)

Spiritual Formation

(Fall 2021)

Christian Living: Ethics Ten Commandments

(Fall 2020)

Sermon on the Mount

(Winter 2021)

Issues Facing Christians Today

(Fall 2020)

Live Courses

Every fall and spring semester, we offer a live course taught at St. Andrew’s Church in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. These courses are designed to help people grow in their love for God and apply their faith in everyday life. While outside reading will be recommended, there are no assignments. The level of teaching is deep enough for life-long disciples, but still accessible to those who are new to the faith. Courses include dinner, a 40-45 minute teaching, small-group discussion, and Q&A with the teacher. They typically run for 8 weeks on Tuesday evenings.

For those who live outside the Charleston area, most of the courses will be made available in a streaming format.

Our next live course is:

Hearing God Speak: An Introduction to the Bible

Cost: $95
Course Dates: February 19 - April 9, 2019

February 19 – April 9. Participants will learn to trust and engage the Bible as the primary way to know God and hear him speak. Classes are held at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

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Ridley Intensives offer the opportunity to engage with relevant topics in Christian faith and practice. Designed to take place in a concentrated period of time (often a Friday evening and Saturday) intensives are a benefit for those who cannot attend our semester-long courses.

Upcoming Intensive:

The Jesus We Need to Know

Cost: $15
Course Dates: February 16, 2019

Saturday, February 16. Led by New Testament scholar, The Rev’d Dr. Peter Walker, will take you through Jesus’ life-Galilee to Jerusalem – highlighting the relevance of his ministry for today. This class is taught at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

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