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Theology in the midst of God's people, under the preaching of God's word, nourished by God's sacraments, training for God's mission and under the administration of God's discipline.

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The aim of the Ridley Institute is to honor Nicholas Ridley's dying thought, that through God's grace his labors and suffering might light a Gospel flame that would never be extinguished. The Institute seeks to spread the flame of the Gospel by recruiting, equipping, and deploying Christian leaders formed in the Gospel centrality of the Anglican Tradition.

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Upcoming Courses

God is Love

Begins January 30. The Trinity is at the core of the Christian faith and yet many are confused by it. In this course, we will unpack this central Christian belief through the teaching of the Apostles’ Creed. Learn more

Master of Arts in Religion:
The Gospel of Mark

Begins January 19. A look at the historical context, literary questions, and application of the earliest Gospel. Learn more.

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